Florence Swing Camp 2018


Tuballoswing is proud to present a weekend of classes, shows, live music and social dance in great locations, with international teachers and a special guest band.
High level professional teachers, top class musicians and dancers coming from all over the world.


4 disciplines, Taster Classes and Show

4 disciplines and taster classes, 3 levels for each discipline, 15 teachers, and for the first time in Italy a very big Show: students will have the possibility to spend 2 days to work in order to perform and shine on stage with professional dancers for the final party!!!

Swinging Dance Puzzle Show

Spend two days working hard on a solo jazz choreography and perform it in the final show. Shine on stage !! To have a goal is the best way to learn!

Taster Classes

What is a taster class?
It’s specific topic pill! Enjoy musicality, 20’s charleston and many more…details available very very soon!!!

Blues Experience

Blues is a new discipline in our school and in our camp. Two of the most famous couples of the world are coming to Florence to let us fall in love with this magical style.
Not only great teachers but also live blues music and social blues dance every night!!!

Discover your level!

Lindy Hop

Level 1

This is your level if you have just started a course (at least 4 months) and you are willing to venture deeper into this world by rapidly intensifying your studies and get on the track!

– 8 counts basic steps
– 8 counts basic moves ( he goes, she goes, promenade, reverse promenade, flip flop, swingout, circle)
– 6 counts basic steps
– 6 counts basic moves ( send out, tack turn, pass by, underarm pass)

Level 2

This is your level if you have been attending regular courses for at least one/two years. Ability to follow / lead Swingout, Texas Tommy, Inside, Outside, common variations 6 counts, and basics of Lindy Charleston)

– Capacity to lead/follow; Swingout, Texas Tommy, Inside, Outside
– You know the most common 6 counts variations
– You have agility with the basics of Lindy Charleston (basic steps, skip up, chaise into tandem, tandem, hand to hand)

Level 3

This is your level if you have danced Lindy Hop for two/three years and regularly attend social dance events in your city.

– You are now agile in the “leading” and “Following” techniques and you are starting to deepen your connection techniques.
– Know the basic concepts of musicality and you are starting to dance by interpreting the music.
– You know many variations of Lindy Hop’s basic movements.

Level 4

in addition to attending weekly 3-4-year lessons, dancing regularly in social dance and also participating in international workshops / camps.

– You have no trouble leading / following on both slow and fast pace
– Can improvise and have a good musicality
– You know different variations of footwork

Solo Jazz

Level 1

This is your level if you have been playing solo jazz course for at least 4 months or if you have danced Lindy Hop or other swing dances for several years, you know some Jazz Steps, you have a good rhythm and good coordination developed through the study of other dance styles, you’ve probably occasionally participated in some Jazz lessons.

Level 2

You’ve been regularly attending a solo Jazz course for at least a year or you’ve been part of several Solo workshops. You know Shim Sham and probably also Tranky Doo and other routines.

Level 3

You’ve Jazz balls for several years, you know all the most famous historical routines, you have no particular problems with improvisation.

Invitational Level

You reach this level only on invitation by the organizers. The invitees will be able to suggest to the organization other participants at this level and the proposal will be pleasantly appreciated!


Level 1

You love this music, but you have never tried dancing. It’s time to try it!

Level 2

Know the basics because you have attended (or are attending) a course.
It’s your level if you want to experience new variations and styles, starting to work on musicality.

Level 3

You have already attended more than one course and / or participated in several Workshops.
If you’re trying to refine your technique, you want to become master of musicality … This is your level!

Boogie Woogie

Level 1

If you already have had a course for a few months and you know the steps and the basic combinations of this dance.

Level 2

If you dance regularly for more than 1 year.
You will experience new combinations that are more and more exciting, working on music and style.

Level 3

If you dance regularly (and assiduously) for more than 2 years.
You want to refine your technique, working on ever-changing variations and interpretations … This is your level !!

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Find out what's waiting for you


Combo Social Club

Welcome Party and Thursday’s Social Dance will be on at Como Social Club, a location born to bring fun, a place that has hosted a big number of international and italian Jazz Bands!

Stazione Leopolda

“Campari Hour” in an old disused train station in Florence.
Saturday January 27th, from 7:00pm until 9:00pm
Within Vintage Selection 2018 Event.

Spazio Reale

Big dance floors and an elegant venue for a FSC night that you won’t ever forget! A beautiful location conceived to host great high quality events. Few minutes from the center of Florence.

Palazzina Reale di Santa Maria Novella

The friday night event location: the Palazzina Reale of Santa Maria Novella Station, inaugurated in 1935 and considered a masterpiece of Italian rationalism.

Casa Tuballo

Casa Tuballo, the headquarter of Tuballoswing. A real Vintage House where all the cultural activities of the Association take place. For this special occasion, a Vintage market will be active, and a welcome musical aperitive will await you!

Musicians and Djs

Swinging dance puzzle show

Spend two days working hard on a solo jazz choreography and perform it in the final show. Shine on stage !! To have a goal is the best way to learn!


Swing Battle Team

The first team Swing Battle! Each will be composed of 3 couples: boogie woogie, lindy hop, blues as well as jazz only.
Rules and Registration


What is Swing Battle Team?

It’s a team swing competition. Each team of 7 participants will be composed as follows: 1 pair for Lindy hop, 1 pair for Boogie Woogie, 1 pair for Blues, 1 single for Solo Jazz.

How can I subscribe?

The registration will be accessible through the link www.florenceswingcamp.it/competition which will be active until 20.00 on the day the festival begins.

In addition to the personal data, a profile photo will also be requested in the registration form. Registration will be in pairs for all disciplines except for the Solo Jazz.

How will the teams be composed?

They will be composed by drawing lots on the day of the beginning of the Festival, on 25 January 2018 at 23.00. The draw will be made electronically among all the members of the competition.

What are the modalities of the competition?

The teams will be divided into groups. For each team, the representatives of each discipline will be called to compete in the following order: Lindy Hop, Boogie woogie, Blues and Solo Jazz.

At the end of each competition, scores will be awarded for each discipline. The sum of the scores will decide the winner of the group.

The teams with the highest score for each group will enter the final round. The team with the absolute best score will directly access the final while the two remaining teams with the best score will compete to access the final.

How are the scores awarded?

They will be decided by a technical jury composed of three professional teachers and a popular jury composed of three randomly selected participants in the festival.

When will the competition take place?

The first round will take place during the Friday evening, while the final rounds will take place during the Saturday Night Hot Swing Club

What are the prizes?

The most important award is eternal glory: the winners will be published on the Festival website, on social profiles and will remain forever in the hearts of the participants of the FSC!

A trophy with the names of the winners will be delivered, and  given over a year to the winning team. The trophy will be returned to the organization for the next edition of the Festival.

In addition to all this, the winners will receive a free Full Pack for the 2019 edition of the FSC and any other festivals that will be sponsored by our partners.


Fast Feet After Fast Food

During the Friday After Party, in the "Fratelli Cuore" restaurant inside Santa Maria Novella Train Station. The competition will consist of eating quickly and then challenging the audience by dancing at a fast rhythm.

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